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Integrity Stock Dogs

Black Angus and North Country Cheviot Sheep Sales

We, John and Kelsey Beasley, utilize and raise stock dogs, mainly border collies, to facilitate our ranch work in all settings. Our dogs are powerful and work all classes of stock; cows, bulls, yearlings and sheep exceptionally. The stock dogs’ natural ability has enabled the practicing of one of the fundamental components of our operation, stockmanship and understanding livestock behaviour.
Understanding behavioural traits is a key to better handling of animals and reduced stress.? By reducing stress, we reduce risk of disease and injury, increase control and welfare of the livestock we are working with, while maintaining the integrity of the landscape through range management.

"Stockmanship is probably the most powerful range management tool ever developed.” S.Cote

"For thousands of years, shepherds have been conversant with that extra ordinary living electric fence, the dog. An able shepherd could successively graze small areas which he limited with the aid of his dog: in this way he practised the equivalent of strip-grazing. ?The conscientious shepherd respected the rest periods necessary for plants. He did not know, it is true, that a grass must reach a certain stage of development before it has accumulated the necessary reserves for normal, vigorous growth, but he did know that if he grazed red clover for a second time when it was too young or too mature, that is, if he gave either too short or too long a rest period, the yields he obtained were mediocre." Andre Voisin. 1959

Our border collies are selected for working instinct, willingness, soundness and stamina. We practice the art of starting and using tock dogs in all classes of work, whether cattle, sheep or trial, harnessing the function and natural ability of these truly remarkable dogs.

For more information regarding pups or started dogs, please contact us or call John and Kelsey Beasley at (403) 779 2662.

Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs Integrity Ranching Stock Dogs
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