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Cheviot SheepNorth Country
Cheviot Sheep Genetics

The Integrity Ranching North Country Cheviot Program

Integrity Ranching North Country Cheviots are:

  • Low Maintenance & Built to Last
  • Superior Maternal Genetics
  • Excellent Grass Finished Sheep

North Country Cheviots are an independent, vigorous and very hardy sheep breed that is well adapted to our harsh climates and extensive rangelands. Used for centuries in England and Scotland, these ewes show superior mothering instincts. As lambing of our flock starts the beginning of May under range conditions, our first emphasis is lambing ease from strong, maternal ewes that raise multiple, vigorous lambs. ?All lambs are individually weighed and I.D. tagged while the ewe is evaluated.

Sire Group Evaluations. The ram sire groups are also progeny tested starting with gestation, birth weight, vigour and lambing percentage (which includes evaluating the number of lambs as a percentage of total lambs born and the number of lambs as a percentage of total live lambs born.)

Lambs are vaccinated with a Cas-Bac and 8 way Clostridial vaccine and grazed on summer pastures. ?At weaning, lambs are re-vaccinated, weighed, sorted and evaluated.? Our purebred ram and ewe lambs are utilized for seed stock purposes and wintered on a forage based ration best suited for our range conditions.

Our commercial lambs are allocated into a natural grass fed program. We finish our own lambs from our own genetics and understand realistic animal performance; our North Country Cheviot sheep possess superior carcass quality and yield. We raise our rams for soundness, prolificacy and top performance.

North Country Cheviot Sheep Closeup

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