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Crystal Creek® Livestock Nutritional Products

Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek® Provides Comprehensive and Strategic Livestock Nutritional Products, Programs and Consulting Services

Crystal Creek® livestock minerals and supplements are the finest in the industry and the Crystal Creek® team strives to provide livestock producers with products and services of exceptional performance and value. Integrity Ranching is pleased to be part of this team

  • Advanced Nutritional Supplements and Minerals
  • Animal Health Products and Programs
  • For Organic and Non-Organic Livestock Producers
  • Technical Support and Nutrition Consulting From Highly Experienced Staff

Optimizer-Plus Beef Mineral™

  • A Maximum Performance Mineral For Mixing Into Beef Cow, Calf, Heifer, Stocker And Finisher Rations

Crystal Creek Sheep Mineral™

  • A Mineral And Vitamin Supplement For Lactating and Growing Sheep

Crystal Advantage™ Equine Products

  • High Performance Nutritional Supplement For Horses Providing Protein, Minerals, Trace Minerals And Vitamins
  • Immune and Digestive Support
  • Highest Bioavailability

Crystal Pellets™

  • An Advanced Nutritional Supplement For Livestock
  • Advanced Support For Challenged, Sick, and or High Performance Animals
  • Dairy-Beef-Calves-Swine-Goats-Sheep

Fuse 207

  • For Use When Mycotoxins Are A Problem

No-Fly™ Concentrate

  • Safe, Economical, Effective Fly Spray Considered For Organic Use

Wound Care and Liniment Creams
Inoc-U-LockTM Product Line

  • A High Performance Family of Inoculants For Livestock Feedstuffs
  • Bacterial and Enzymatic treatments for Silages, High Moisture Grain and Baled Hay
  • Designed To Stabilize Baled Hay During Dry Down Period for Optimum Performance
  • Benefits Include Lengthened Harvest Window, Improved Feed Quality And Reduced Waste
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