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Black Angus Cow and Calf

Integrity Ranching Livestock Genetics

John Beasley's extensive livestock experience is derived from his family's beef operation that encompassed 500pb angus cows, 2500 commercial cows, and two small feedlots. John spent 2002 to 2009 in Manitoba managing an expansion of the family operation converting a grain farm to grass and running 900 commercial cows, back-grounding calves and grassing the yearlings. He has been influenced by many great stockmen and animal breeders throughout his life and has been able to apply much of his knowledge to the genetic improvement of farm livestock and the practical application of livestock genetic principles to dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep breeding, performance horses and working dogs.

Kelsey Beasley is a microbiologist by trade and a rancher by inclination. She has an in depth understanding of the basic principles of genetics, immunology, livestock ecology and the link between genes, the performance of farm animals and strategies used for genetic improvement, range management, animal behaviour and landscape health.

Genetic Selection and Breeding Goals of Integrity Ranching

  • Optimum Production?of Easy Fleshing, High Capacity Animals
  • Environmental Sorting of Animals Best Adapted to our Management
  • Critical Culling of Undesirable Characteristics

The founding philosophies for a genetic selection program at Integrity Ranching incorporate optimum production, environmental sorting and adaptation, and producing a desirable end product.

Optimum production maximizes profit. It is the greatest degree attained under a specific set of conditions. In our case ... profitable ranching with limited natural resources. It is how we effectively turn forage in to a marketable product and generate cash flow.

Environmental Sorting. The environment naturally sorts out the animals that are best adapted to our management and can most effectively turn forage into pounds of desirable product. ?Our animals are raised to survive on what the ranch produces and we assess animals both objectively on performance data and subjectively for physical and behavioural attributes such as disease resistance, maternal instinct and grazing behaviour.?Diligent record keeping allows for critical culling of undesirable characteristics and rigorous selection of elite animals.

Producing a desirable end product.?Incorporating production and adaptation traits results in livestock that are bred to be easy fleshing, high capacity animals developed on rangelands in an ecologically sustainable way.

Black Angus Bulls

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