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Integrity Ranching and
Crystal Creek® Livestock Nutrition

Integrity Ranching utilizes the Crystal Creek® Dairy Nutrition Model and Provides Crystal Creek Products and Services

We have used Crystal Creek® products for years, noting exceptional results ourselves and from our customers who buy our livestock.

The ultimate goal and intent of the Crystal Creek® Dairy Nutrition Model is to improve profitability in a sustainable manner

Crystal Creek® is a family owned business that has been serving the farming and dairy community for over 15 years. Crystal Creek® Dairy Nutritionists are helping producers reach their herd health and net profit goals in a more sustainable manner. The Crystal Creek® Dairy Nutrition Model represents both a return to sound fundamentals of ruminant nutrition, as well as the integration of key targeted products to support optimum rumen function in a modern day dairy operation. Knowingly, these fundamentals of ruminant nutrition can be utilized in your beef, sheep and equine farms and ranches.

Improve Your Livestock Profitability

Integrity Ranching Practices and Provides Sustainable Livestock Nutrition Systems for Our Customers

Balanced Nutrition. Over-wintering stock and doing so economically can be challenging. Therefore, at Integrity Ranching we optimize our natural resources and balance our animal?s nutritional needs accordingly.  We look at conserved feed sources such as standing hay and stockpiled grass as mature forage for mature non-lactating animals. We use stored forages with higher nutritional value such as hay and silage for higher value animals such as replacement heifers and ewe lambs and developing bulls and ram lambs that require additional protein or supplementation as they grow. By implementing practices such as extended fall grazing or swath and bale grazing, we ration the forage supply to maximize utilization and preserve quality.? Conditioning our animals? grazing behaviour to adapt to their environment and teach their offspring how to be thrifty forage converters.

Reduced Feed Costs. Our goal is to improve profitability by reducing feed costs and improving herd health and reproductive rates. Reduced feed costs are attained by efficient rumen conditioning and digestive function resulting in more productive animals in better body condition. Improved herd health is achieved as cattle and sheep are utilizing their diets effectively and under less metabolic stress. Immune function is directly tied to nutrition and many livestock health issues can be addressed first in how the animals are fed.

Crystal Creek Optimizer-Plus™ Beef Mineral, Crystal Creek Sheep Mineral and Crystal Advantage Equine Products. We agree with the philosophy of utilizing advanced and strategic nutrition to support healthy, sustainable and profitable livestock production in a more natural manner. That is why we implement a Crystal Creek® Nutrition Model utilizing products such as Optimizer-Plus? Beef Mineral. Crystal Creek® provides the technical support through professional, experienced staff, as well as a complete line of livestock and nutritional supplements, quality minerals and livestock health aides to help our herd reach its full potential. The Crystal Creek® Team is dedicated to our profitable production of nutritious, safe food. For more information about Crystal Creek® please contact us as we supply products and provide service to our customers.

Livestock Nutrition

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