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Welcome to Integrity Ranching

Integrity Ranching is a family based operation incorporating over 40 years of quality livestock production. Our experience includes both purebred and commercial Black Angus cattle as well as purebred and commercial North Country Cheviot sheep. Our goals incorporate honest, comprehensive record keeping and rigorous selection of elite animals that result in the genetic improvement of commercial sheep flocks and cattle herds. We are unique purebred producers as we finish our own animals from our own genetics and understand realistic animal performance and carcass quality.

Realizing our business needs to provide a viable livelihood not only for ourselves but future generations, we manage for good land stewardship. At Integrity Ranching we believe in sustainable, profitable livestock production.

Have a look at our livestock genetics and sales, fencing services and supplies, and animal nutrition and services.

Current Events

Integrity Ranching and Land Stewardship: Check out the innovative film project:
"Conservation Caravan"

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Cheviot Sheep for Sale

  • Quality replacement ewe lambs for sale
    Pasture born ewe lambs from grass based commercial and purebred North Country Cheviot sheep operation. This flock is tested OPP free. Ewe lambs are on a full vaccination and quality nutrition program. These replacements are raised right. Contact us for pricing and availability.
  • Integrity Ranching 2013 North Country Cheviot Rams for Sale
    (Download PDF)

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Cheviot Sheep at Integrity Ranching

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